China pipeline

China breaks ground on another import pipeline

With its natural gas consumption expected to rise to around 420 Bcm by 2020, China continues to develop new import routes to provide the infrastructure that will be needed to meet an unprecedented rate of demand growth. Following the ceremony held to mark the start of construction of the

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Mike Crabtree

Date: Thursday 11 Oct

Session: Virgin Earth Challenge

Session time: 11:00-12:15

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Prof Jonathan Stern

Date: Thursday 11 Oct

Session: Chairman's Welcome

Session time: 09:00-09:10

Stephen O'Rourke

Date: Thursday 11 Oct

Session: Looking for Direction: Central Asia's Gas Conundrum

Session time: 09:10-09:30

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Ali Arif Akturk

Date: Thursday 11 Oct

Session: Creating a Turkish Hub: Cross-Border Trading Opportunities and a Joint EU-Turkey Gas Market

Session time: 09:35-09:55

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Ana Stanic

Date: Thursday 11 Oct

Session: Southern Gas Corridor: Recent Developments and Legal Implications

Session time: 10:00-10:20

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