European Commission, Russia and Ukraine Trilateral Gas Talks in Berlin

Hopes rise for Russia-Ukraine gas deal

The long-running dispute over gas payment and pricing between Russia and Ukraine may be coming to and end – or at least a period of respite while the Stockholm International Arbitration Court comes a decision. The news will be welcomed by gas consumers in Ukraine and the rest of Europe who otherwise face a wo

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Mike Crabtree

Date: Thursday 11 Oct

Session: Virgin Earth Challenge

Session time: 11:00-12:15

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Prof Jonathan Stern

Date: Thursday 11 Oct

Session: Chairman's Welcome

Session time: 09:00-09:10

Stephen O'Rourke

Date: Thursday 11 Oct

Session: Looking for Direction: Central Asia's Gas Conundrum

Session time: 09:10-09:30

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Ali Arif Akturk

Date: Thursday 11 Oct

Session: Creating a Turkish Hub: Cross-Border Trading Opportunities and a Joint EU-Turkey Gas Market

Session time: 09:35-09:55

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Ana Stanic

Date: Thursday 11 Oct

Session: Southern Gas Corridor: Recent Developments and Legal Implications

Session time: 10:00-10:20

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