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Kyung Dong One Co., Ltd.

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Address:4F, Koami Bldg, 13-6 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, 150-729, Seoul , South Korea

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Kyung Dong One, Cryogenic and Heat Insulation Specialty Company

‘Holds a professional Cryogenic and Heat insulation technology with Perlite’
‘Performs an essential role in Gas Value Chain from LNG carriers and Tank cryogenic insulation to heat insulation for Plant’s pipe.’  

   Kyung Dong One(KD One), Cryogenic and Heat Insulation Specialty Company, has products and technologies regarding Gas business in Value Chain process that creates a high added value. They produce LNG carrier’s cryogenic insulation material, Tank’s cryogenic insulation material and heat insulation material for Plant’s pipe. Also they perform the filling work for insulate gas-storage tanks.

A main material for cryogenic and heat insulation is expanded perlite. The perlite is expanded from the volcanic rocks broken into the proper grain sizes with more than 1,100℃. It has characteristics of light weight and high performance of insulation. KD One researched and developed process technology for perlite to be used in right purposes so it can maximize the functionality.

CR615 which is used in LNG carriers as cryogenic insulation material, has thermal conductivity of 0.041W/mK and density of 50kg/㎥. It meets standards of GTT, French engineering company specialized in membrane containment systems for LNG containment and storage. CR615 is only perlite insulator that can be used in NO96 type carriers. It has not only superior insulation property but also good and uniform repellency for water. Moreover, it is incombustible and eco-friendly product.

KD One has expanded perlite CR605 which insulates side wall of gas-storage tank and PCB(Perlite Concrete Block) which is installing on the floor of tank. For the insulation of tank, they also perform the installation. They invented Internal Vibrator for filling CR605 between the inner wall and outer wall. KD One has patent in South Korea and US for the machine. Internal vibrator set up at the upper part of the tank between inner wall and outer wall. It is used for flat the CR605 while filling CR605 in a tank. The Internal Vibrator is remotely piloted machine so it makes possible to reduce the construction period and ensure the safety for the workers.
KD one successfully performed insulation work of bottom, shell and deck in Mexico Manzanilo LNG project ordered by CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad) and Yemen LNG project ordered by YemGas. From these projects, KD one recognized for their quality of work and advanced technology.

Hyperlite insulates pipes with high temperature fluid or steam that is used in plants. This product received National Green Technology Award Presidential prize. It has features of 99.9% water repellency, outstanding durability and eco-friendly. Compare to the existing insulator, it saves 25% of energy.

Company who specialized in insulation with outstanding technology and construction ability, KD One will contribute to improve the international LNG carrier building technology and boost up the Gas related business including LNG carriers.