Interview with KBR on gas & LNG projects – Cost, innovation and progress

Talking to Gastech News, Christopher Caswell, Director LNG and FLNG at KBR, shares his views on the following questions:





  • What are the latest technical innovations enhancing the gas and LNG industry?
  • What can major EPCs do to help ensure long-terms investment in gas & LNG projects remains buoyant, even in tough economic times?
  • What factors can challenge the norm of the LNG industry in the short term?
  • If you could invent anything to progress and advance the LNG industry, what would it be and how could it work?

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Friday, April 7th at 09:25 – Christopher will be presenting a paper entitled “LNG and The Great Reformation?” at the Gastech Conference 2017 in Chiba – Tokyo. View the Gastech conference programme and book your delegate place today.

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